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Coaching for Individuals

When you hire a coach at ECI, you assert control of your own professional development and take charge of your career. You make the statement that as a professional, you are no longer willing to settle for mediocre, and at the same time understanding it’s about balance. Educators who would benefit from working with a coach include but are not limited to:


  • New teachers or administrators
  • Second career teachers
  • Teachers transitioning out of the profession
  • Veteran teachers or administrators seeking greater job satisfaction
  • Administrators trying to impact school culture and/or implement change
  • Teachers or administrators looking to renew their passion


At ECI, we know that you, as an educator, are unique. You chose a career that is extremely demanding, yet incredibly rewarding. By hiring a coach, you make the commitment to yourself to bring out your best in you, in whatever aspect you choose. Your coach is committed to supporting your agenda, and will help you to make the necessary adjustments to achieve the fulfillment you seek both personally and professionally.


Weekly coaching sessions last 45 minutes and are conducted by telephone or in some cases, in person. The topic of discussion for each session is determined by the client. Individual coaching programs typically include:


  • Clarification of client’s values and beliefs (personal mission statement)
  • Identifying limiting beliefs that keep the client from moving forward
  • Setting challenging yet attainable goals
  • Weekly assignments
  • Follow-up summary provided by coach after each session
  • Unlimited email support between sessions


In some cases a client may want his coach to conduct an Observation. We call this process “Observational Coaching.” During this process, the coach acts as a “mirror” for the client writing down specific, unbiased information about what the client wants observed as determined by the pre-observation session. A post observation session is conducted to review the information collected and discuss the impact on the client’s thinking. Observational Coaching is non-evaluative and can provide vital feedback and information to the client about changes he would like to make in his practice.



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Coaching for Organizations

Coaching is an excellent vehicle when it comes to making an impact on school improvement. Whether you are seeking to retain teachers, increase student achievement or change the culture and belief system of your organization, ECI has a program that is right for you. We offer unique alternatives for organizations in the following areas:


  • Training and professional development programs coupled with on going coaching and support
  • Grade-level and/or group coaching
  • Coaching for universities and new teacher induction programs
  • Leadership coaching for administrators
  • Districts looking to offer professional coaching as a hiring incentive
  • Adoption of a new model of instruction
  • Partnering with other companies to support current instructional programs



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